February 7,8 - Two different days

On Sunday I made a nice profit of 103 eur from UK horses market, but then I lost it. The cause was  suspended US horses market, which is very unpredictable. Sometimes the start time disagree and then decide the luck if the horse wins or loses. So the total profit for Sunday was only 18,5 eur.

The monday was much better. I gave out for early suspend of market and going to inplay. In the last race I traded I noticed  interesting name of the horse - "Czechman Charger". It is nice to see the czech horse running in the US race, but unfortunately even though this was a favorite of the race he lost.

Total:  +202,6 EUR

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  1. ahoj, já odtradoval za poslední tři dny snad všechny US dostihy a žádný suspend jsem nezaznamenal..teda myslim tím suspend který by byl předčasný i vůči videu, tak koukám že jsem měl asi štěstí :o)